stamping bears can be a bear

stamping a large solid stamp

Whether it is a rubber stamp or cling (clear) stamp, a large solid image is hard to get a good impression. I generally stamp on a wood table top, which has been planed to a smooth surface. There are times I have to pull out other ‘surfaces’ on which to stamp.

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Using even the littlest scraps – hearts

I love to incorporate hearts into my designs. I stamp them in, punch them out and glue them on. Sometimes all on the same card.

After all, my cards are HandCraftedFromTheHeart.

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music is from the heart, just as my cards are from the heart

Music comes from the heart and plays to the heart.

A very dear friend teaches piano to children of all ages, young and old. She has been teaching piano for nearly 40 years. She started by renting space in piano stores, then moved up to renting space in a teaching studio. She now owns that studio. She puts her heart and soul into teaching.

For her birthday, I decided to create this Giocosso card with bright and cheerful music notes, coming from a piano with a heart shaped lid. The bottom of the face of the card has a fun piano keyboard which seems to be just as Humoresque as the music. (Pardon the music words – I couldn’t resist.)

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even dads in camo need a day to themselves

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father’s deserve a little down time, whether at the beach or at the lake

time to relax

Most fathers work long hours every work day. Then they come home to chores, helping with the kids, a honey-do list, and more. Like mothers, they rarely have time to themselves to relax and do their own thing.

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hearts are the symbol of hugs, virtual hugs

why hearts are so important to me

My German great-grandmother taught me that in her heart and mind, that if you used a  heart as a symbol in anything, you were giving a hug.  The shape of the heart represents your arms around the recipient.  I love and have thoroughly embraced that philosophy.  I use hearts in the symbol of my business.  Everything I create has been ‘handcrafted from the heart’.

sending hearts as virtual hugs

When someone you love is going through a hard time, you want to send them a note to say they are in your heart, that you are sending them a part of your heart, and you hope their heart heals quickly.

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Sending Heartfelt Thoughts

This is a heart wrenching time for our country and world. We are currently experiencing great anxiety over a pandemic virus. While many places in our country do not seem to be affected, there are great urban areas that are very hard hit. 

The stress and anxiety that comes with our situation has a lot of people going through extreme emotions. Some are suffering greatly because their world has been turned upside down, not from the illness, but rather from the closure of their business or the loss of their livelihood. 

Many are feeling the effects of the virus, either just slightly symptomatic, or feeling the total wrath of the virus. Some are fighting the virus while isolating themselves from the world around them. Some have been admitted to the hospital, and unable to see or be with family.  Others are in the ICU fighting for their lives.  Some are suffering from the loss of a loved one from the virus. 

It is not just the people that are ill that are feeling the stress and anxiety from the situation. The family members and friends that are the closest to the ill also need some emotional support. 

A card with a heartfelt message can go a long way to bring at least a little comfort. Just a little piece of paper can carry a lot of weight in the recipients heart. 

When I send cards of support to family and friends, I want to send something with a little brightness and cheer. I believe a cute little detail can go a long way in bringing even a little brightness to their heart. The cards I created today are low key, but with a little brightness in the details. 

Sending Heartfelt Thoughts can be a card for a little emotional boost, as in Thinking of You. This message can also be more supportive, as in Get Well. For those that have suffered the loss of a family member or dear friend, this card can send the message that they have not been forgotten.  

This card was designed with a white on white palette, with an accent of color: blue or cherry red.  Then I couldn’t decide if I wanted just a little flower or a heart flower – so I made some of each. The white face of the card is then laid over a coordinating layer of cardstock, over a white background. 

I had fun with the little flowers, using a bit of glue to make the white centers shiny, around the rhinestones. 

Handcraftedfromtheheart by ScottyWorks
Handcraftedfromtheheart by ScottyWorks
Handcraftedfromtheheart by ScottyWorks
Handcraftedfromtheheart by ScottyWorks
Handcraftedfromtheheart by ScottyWorks

These cards are available from ScottyWorks through ETSY

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