taking the opportunity to improve on a design

Often when working with paper, rubber stamps, ink, tape and glue you may get your self into a mess.

This morning, I was working with glue to adhere layers of paper – not certain why I chose glue instead of a tape adhesive.  Some of the glue seeped out from under the oval punched paper and left a shiny spot I did not like.  I tried a couple of tricks to get around the glue seepage by using a tissue to absorb the extra glue, tried using the adhesive remover eraser; but the dried glue was still shiny. 😦

Then as I was laying the large layers of the card together, using a tape runner, I noticed there was a small gap between the layers.  I tried pressing the layers together, but they would not stay flat.  There was an unsightly gap.  Out came the glue, with a little nozzle, to reach up under the layers and affix them to each other, laying flat.  Unfortunately, some of this glue seeped out, and I was stuck with another shiny spot. 😦

I pulled out my “Wink of Stella” pen and began improving my original design by painting over the punched layers which showed the glue.  While I was at it, I decided to use the “Wink of Stella” to cover the glue that showed on the large layered border.  In the end, unless you could see the original design, you would never know it was not planned.



With and without Wink of Stella. handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks.


Close-up showing the front card without Wink of Stella, the rear card with.

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a little light makes a big difference

I wanted to create a masculine black and white card for a friend who loves to fish on a lake in the mountains.

Once I finished the card, it seemed to be missing just a little something, it seemed flat.  I thought a little light in the windows of the cabin would help to add a little depth to the image, give you somewhere to look.

It could give you something to ponder – who is in the cabin and what are they doing — stamping, of course!!

light on fishermen

Sometimes just a little extra touch makes a big difference in the image.  A little light in the windows of the cabin draws your eye in to the scene.  Handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks.


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Custom cards

I have many different designs available on Etsy. I often receive requests for special card designs, similar to the cards available.

Last week, I was contacted by a customer seeking a thank you card for her office coordinator. She wanted to thank him for a smooth tax season.

In her search for an appropriate card, she located a ‘Father’s Day card’ I have posted on Etsy.  She asked what type of car was featured on the card, and if I could make it without the Father’s Day greeting.  In addition, she wanted the color of the car and card to be more appropriate for their business.

I asked if their company has a main color with which they are associated, for example Ford is blue and Home Depot is orange.  Her answer was bright green.

I found a car that matched her desire for a Duesenberg (or similar car), and gave her options for color and background.  We communicated back and forth for an hour or so through Etsy, as I created sample options for her consideration.  I went through my stash of Designer Series Paper to find stock that would match the color and concept.

This is the card she located on Etsy:  Happy Father’s Day CardHappy Fathers Day

These two samples were the finalists in the design of the special ordered card.  In the long run, the card with the numbers in the background won.



Option one for the special ordered card, with a green car.  Handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks.

The background of numbers seemed most appropriate for someone who works on income taxes.


special ordered card for tax prep office coordinator  Handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks.

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An Unexpected Winner

BublBlu 1957 BMW Isetta 300 at the AACA Grand Nationals in Lebanon, TN

BublBlu 1957 BMW Isetta 300 at the AACA Grand Nationals in Lebanon, TN

I have always loved BMW Isettas. Their quirky styling is just the thing that drew me to them: the front door, the shape, and the overall style are such a departure from the norm. When I was a kid there was always one sitting in the shed at a local car show. Every time we went to the show, I would take a few minutes to check it out.
My husband found one in Morgantown, WV, for sale by the original owners. We rode out on a Friday night to pick it up and hear some of the stories of the life the car lived with that family. She started as a college student’s car, then became a ‘toy’ for the younger brothers. They drove her through the fields and woods, much like a go-cart. In spite of the life she lived with the boys, she was in good shape.
We made the deal and brought her home to Maryland. The very next day we took her to the very car show where I had seen the Isetta for years. Unfortunately, that Isetta was no longer there.
We enjoyed driving her to local shows around home, but one day I just could not keep her running. We tried everything, then realized we needed professional help. A trip to Atlanta to Isettas-R-Us as just the ticket. Werner took a look at her and promised to have her running properly. Then he proceeded to look her over well. He said we really should have not been driving her; her steering was too loose, her suspension had the wrong components and more. What started as an engine overhaul turned out to be a restoration.
The restoration was just supposed to get her back to road worthy and dependable. We weren’t going for something to show competitively, just something fun to drive around town and take to local ‘fun’ shows. Then a friend in the Antique Auto Club of America saw her. He convinced me to enter her for competition. I hesitated, knowing the things we did not address completely for such a competition.
At her first showing she earned a First Place, the highest award she qualified for and that gave me confidence to continue showing her. Her second outing resulted in a Senior Award, the highest award she could earn.
In the AACA, once a car has earned the Senior Award, it qualifies to show at a Grand National.
Last year we took her to Moline for the Grand Nationals, and she earned her First Grand National. This year we took her to Lebanon, TN for the Grand Nationals and she earned her Senior Grand National.
We never intended to restore our Isetta as an AACA national competitor, but she has earned each of the awards she has sought. I am surprised she has done as well as she has. We truly enjoy sharing her with others and hearing the stories people tell of their recollections of Isettas.

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Micros at the Beach, 2013

We recently participated in a gathering of microcars in Cape May, New Jersey. The meet was titled Micros at the Beach and was hosted by Marge and Jim Dietterich. This was the first year we were able to attend. We had registered a couple of times before, but fate kept us away.

We had a blast riding around Cape May and Wildwood, NJ with twenty or so like minded microcar enthusiasts. There were other BMW Isettas present, as well as goggomobils, Fiat 500’s, Vespas, and even Fuldamobil. People loved when we took the cars out on the street. From the looks on their faces you might have thought they were watching a clown parade.

Many would try to ignore how cute our cars are, and how funny they look as a group driving around town. But then, you could catch the corners of their mouths and eyes turning up in a smile. If you smile back with a little laugh, they would break down and laugh back.

The best thing about these little cars is that we could get our whole group in just a couple of parking spaces. We would drive to dinner and park two, three or four cars in the spot one standard car would take. We had 17 cars lined up in front of a restaurant for breakfast in four and a half marked parking spaces.

One of the most amazing parts of the weekend is that no one broke down! Usually in a gathering of microcars you will have at least one break down every day, considering the amount of miles we put on the cars. We did have one run out of gas, fortunately, just as pulling in to the gas station. You see, these cars that get upwards of 65 miles to the gallon usually don’t have fuel gauges. I know the fuel gauge for my Isetta is a paint stick, which we dip into the gas tank to see how full we are.

If you ever have a chance to attend a microcar meet, you should, even if it means going out of your way. They are mini marvels of engineering and a lot of fun to watch going down the road. They are even more fun to drive.

Happy motoring,


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Microcar Reunion in Madison, GA

ScottyWorks is recovering from a week at the Microcar Reunion at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Madison, GA. 

We spent last week in beautiful Madison, GA for the Microcar Reunion sponsored by Microcarlot and the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum. As the week progressed more and more microcars arrived for the show on Saturday. 

When we arrived at 5:00 pm on Monday night, we were greeted by a bunch of microcars.  There were two  Vespa 400’s, a Messerschmitt, and two King Midgets.  The drivers waited patiently for us to unload our Isetta from the hauler, then we took off for dinner in Madison.

Unfortunately, half way into town BublBlu stopped running. We had a roadside crew of fellow microcar owners helping us to get her running again. After a short delay they had her running and we made it in to town.  But, alas, on the way back home from dinner she stopped again.

Larry from Microcarlot, and his friend Ronnie, have been helping us figure out the issues with timing, points and the carburetor. They worked on her throughout the day on Tuesday, and we took her for another run.  She still wasn’t happy, this time it was a fuel issue.  More work on her tiny engine, and we were back on the road.  Before the weekend BublBlu was running beautifully.  In all we put more than 100 miles on her during the week.

What a great group of fellow enthusiasts!  They sort of expect a breakdown on every run, but take it all in stride as yet another way to learn about their cars.

Hubby said, “This is like a summer camp event.  It is neat to have a great group guys who all know these micro cars working on your car for free and enjoying it!

The experience has been priceless.  Plus the stories they have.  Many of these folks drive these cars on route 66, across country to California etc. Everywhere they go, they have several breakdowns, but they repair them in various towns and it sounds like there are many fun memories.  At every meal we hear more stories — that all end well.”

On Friday there was an auction of several microcars.  A Crosley Farm O’Road ‘two truck’ caught our eye.  After a few bids, the Crosley was ours! Fortunatley, the Crosley fit on the back of our hauler with our Isetta.

Throughout the week we joked with others that collecting cars quickly turns from a hobby to an illness.  The members of ScottyWorks have been sick for a very long time.

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Father’s Day is coming are you ready?

 ScottyWorks has been handcrafting Father’s Day cards for a couple of weeks. 

We know that Father’s Day cards from the market often seem too mushy.  They may have the right picture, but say the wrong things.  Then, there are the Father’s Day cards that have the right message have the wrong image. 

We know you have been frustrated trying to find just the right card, so we started making our cards so that they are ‘simply stated’.  They offer the most basic of messages on the front of the card and leave the inside message to your own heart and imagination.

cards for car guys simply stated fathers day card

Simply stated ‘Happy Father’s Day’ cards for car guys feature quality cardstock, designer series papers, archival inks and adhesives.
The inside of the card is ready for your own personalized message from the heart.
Handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks

ScottyWorks makes ‘cards for car guys’ using quality cardstock, designer series papers, archival quality inks and adhesives and stamped images of antique and classic cars and trucks.  Each of the handcrafted cards is simply stated “Happy Father’s Day”.  The inside of each card is ready for your own personal touch.

simply stated fathers day card

Poke a little fun at Dad, with this fathers day card which simply states ‘he who has the most tools wins’ and ‘happy father’s day’.
The inside of the card is ready for your own handywork from the heart.
Handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks

In addition to cards for car guys, we make cards for the man that always seems to be at the ready with his tools.  Featuring some of the most common tools like screwdrivers, hammers, saws, wrenches and tape measures, we recognize the fathers and father figures that always seem to be at the ready for a quick repair or long term project. 

Write your own message from your heart and imagination.  If you need inspiration, there are sites on the internet which offer suggestions.  You could use them verbatim, or as inspiration.  But honestly, even just the words “We love you!” with each person’s signature would be appreciated by the father or father figure in your life. 

 There have been men in our lives that have helped us, acting much like a father would, who weren’t our fathers.  We are certain there are men in your life that always seem to be there, ready to lend a hand, ready to go to a car show, ready for fun or action.  Many of these men may not be father’s at all, but rather father figures.  Don’t they all deserve recognition on Father’s Day?

ScottyWorks simply stated Father’s Day cards for car guys, handymen, or the other men in your life will help you to express your appreciation for all they do.

You can find our collection on Etsy!

Happy Father’s Day!

Handcrafted from the heart by ScottyWorks.

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